A light-hearted collection of experiences that feel like living, working, socializing, and vibing with complex PTSD. Something like bite-sized existentialist horror. Enjoy!

  • a racehorse that refuses to run
  • a self-tangling necklace
  • taking a day off of work just to spend the whole day feeling bad about missing work
  • power scaling in DC comics
  • a farmer harvesting potatoes finds a buried bomb instead (is it still active? good question!)
  • eating something delicious that you happen to be dangerously allergic to but at least you tried
  • a boss that gets three times stronger every time you beat it
  • shopping on etsy without even the slightest gasp of a budget
  • when you're not sure if they're staring at you or through you
  • a 4-year-old asking you "why" so many times you question all of existence
  • when you're 80% sure the dog won't die at the end of the movie but you don't want to risk it
  • forming a parasocial bond with your yoga instructor
  • losing your keys even though they're literally in your hand
  • the "fridge monster" from Cowboy Bebop
  • responding to a personal story with "have you tried X" and realizing the hero has finally become the villain
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